31 Oct 2011

Movies and the Briss: Puss in Boots

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This week on Movies and the Briss, I review Dreamwork Animation’s newest flick, “Puss in Boots.”

Puss in Boots

Also new this week, I introduce a new running list of the grades I give to movies now in theaters and new to DVD/Blu-ray. See the list below and click on the title to find more information about the film on imdb.com. Be sure to check back every week for new updates!

In Theaters:

50/50 – A dramady that balances its emotions and penis jokes better than most. (B+)

Ryan Gosling. Photo courtesy of Film District.

Drive – A quiet film that screams with tense action, captivating performances and a distinct aura of cool. (A-)

The Help – A rare, well-made tearjerker that entertains and educates. (B+)

Ides of March – Clooney’s confident direction and an outstanding ensemble performance make this typical political thriller about moral corruption one of the year’s best. (A-)

Moneyball – This year’s “Blind Side” concentrates more on the exploring how its characters changed the game rather than obviously pulling on the heartstrings. (B+)

On DVD/Blu-ray:

Cameron Diaz. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Bad Teacher – An absurdly crude Cameron Diaz and ridiculously dorky Justin Timberlake turn this dark comedy into a laugh riot. (B)

Beautiful Boy – An emotionally charged character piece that dives into the psyche of two parents dealing with an unimaginable tragedy. (B+)

Captain America: The First Avenger – Marvel’s latest super-hero adaptation concentrates too much on “The Avegners” set-up rather than creating a memorable stand-alone film. (C-)

Fast Five – The series fifth entry unsurprisingly focuses all its energy on the outlandish and awe-invoking action sequences rather than original dialogue and commendable acting. (C+)

Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds delivers laughably stupid fun in one of the most preposterous films of the year. (D+)

Horrible Bosses – The best comedy ensemble cast since “Burn After Reading” leads this quirky tale to comedic gold. (B)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – While undoubtedly a fun adventure, the latest “Pirates” is still a convoluted mess with too many characters and sub-plots. (C-)

Michael Parks. Photo Courtesy of SModcast Pictures.

Red State – Kevin Smith’s first take at the horror genre is a deeply disturbing film with ample amounts of dialogue and chills delivered by the remarkable Michael Parks in the lead role. (C)

Scream 4 – Still an entertaining ride, the “Scream” series meta-meta-humor and tried plot just doesn’t pack the punch it did 15 years ago. (C+)

The Tree of Life – The year’s most abstract film is divinely beautiful, but its non-linear story can be quite confusing. (B-)

“Puss in Boots” image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks.

written by Jay Brissenden
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