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26 Jan 2011

BLOG: Hollywood Briss – Oscar Nominations Insight

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And so it has come… and passed. The day of cinematic reckoning and a day full of British rejoice and fanboy tears. The day when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) reveal to the world, at the ridiculously early time of 5:00 a.m. PST, its nominees for this year’s Oscars. For people like me, it was quite a momentous occasion. For the rest of the world, it was simply another Tuesday.

So, before I go any further, click here for the complete list of nominees (some, not all, will be discussed below.) For my somewhat brief summary of all that happened up until the nominations, click here. Read more

26 Jan 2011

BLOG: Hollywood Briss – Oscar Insight Catch-up

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Wow. It’s hard to believe I’ve deprived my readers of some Oscar Insight for over a month now. A lot has changed since mid-December: There was that whole “New Year” thing, the Wolf Pack helped fight their hunger for awesomeness by winning their first bowl game in five years and my (yes my, though I am willing to share) Green Bay Packers are heading to Super Bowl XLV (WOOT!). And yes, some changes have occurred in the awards race as well. Let’s play some catch-up, shall we?
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01 Jan 2011

The Top 10 Movies of 2010

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In my seven years of film critiquing, I have found the even numbered year’s much more fruitful in the production of quality of films over commonplace studio garbage. 2010, while not as memorable as ‘08 or ‘06, showed slight improvement over 2009’s batch. While last year was highlighted by such upbeat films as “Up,” “(500) Days of Summer” and “Bruno,” this year saw movies with a much darker tone take center stage.

Whether it was certain broad social conditions or just my attempt to embrace emo a bit more than usual, this year’s Top 10, no matter the common theme, ranks among the best of the past decade. Read more